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Insanity Inc. - Egoism Lyrics

Egoism where I’m going, each and all times it’s unrolling.
Narcism far and wide hun’, people wank to their reflection!
Egoism where I’m going, this sickness is so fast-growing.
Narcism far and wide hun’, people wank to their reflection!


Insanity Inc. - Demons Lyrics

And when the angels die, god has forsaken,
demons rise to the light!
And when the angels cry, suffer from pain,
humanity comes to end!


Insanity Inc. - Rotten Jerks Lyrics

Came from the gutter, no more feelings left for me.
We are Rotten Jerks!
Found the big love, broke up, wanna die:
‘Cause we are Rotten Jerks!


Insanity Inc. - Prejudice Lyrics

I am not callous or lying, just a guy like you.
Your prejudice annihilates my self-assurance. Truth lies in-between.
I don’t like your paradigm, and what you’re standing for.
Each man should get his chance.


Insanity Inc. - Lucid Dream Lyrics

To the horizon and back again for thee.
There ain‘t no tomorrow, far away, far away.
You will enlighten my darkness, you are strong.
I see you‘re saddened, believe in you, believe in you!


Insanity Inc. - Welcome To My Insanity Lyrics

The Insanity makes you blindfolded. “Fallen One”, it’s me died long time ago.
My laughter is the devil’s call and I heard the sounds of hell:
“Die!” I’m the evil spawn of the night of nights so: Welcome to my Insanity!


Insanity Inc. - Lady Of Darkness Lyrics

But I'll be singing till dawn tonight, for you!
Defeat my doubt in me then it will be alright.
Be my raging power, let me be your Mr. Hyde, I die!
I will protect you from the fate to be without.
Lady Of Darkness you would be the only one,
save me from melancholy. I hate to be devil's son!


Insanity Inc. - Lonely Soldier Lyrics

I were not lying, no cause for crying.
I'm a lonely soldier: Me versus I.
Rise or die trying, just like a Viking.
My shadow stands with me, side by side.


Insanity Inc. - T.M.Y.S.T.B.Y.D. Lyrics

Face-off and join the purge!
Stop by my borderline party!
Help yourself at the pain buffet!

Insanity Inc. - My Painkillers Pt. 1 Lyrics

Once you told me: Be what you're supposed to be!
Killing the ache I became fucking incomplete.
My painkillers ripped my heart apart.
And there is nothing left for me without you by my side.


Insanity Inc. - My Painkillers Pt. 2 Lyrics

My painkillers ripped my heart apart
and there is nothing left for me!
But we all will die tonight in pain and nothing, which saves us!


Insanity Inc. - Unpredictable

And I feared for my addition, cause you took the road to perdition.
There's something unpredictable, in the end it was right.
You're sometimes unpredictable, but in the end it's right.


Insanity Inc. - The Final Level Lyrics

The countdown - till I'm passing over.
The countdown - pearly gates' takeover.
The countdown - no more struggling with shit.
The countdown - join me, guess you'll love it.
The countdown - for the final level.
The countdown - till I join the devil.
The countdown - with my heart on fire.
The countdown - once for all retire.


Insanity Inc. - T.I.M.E. Lyrics (Trouble In My Eyes)

Got that fever.
Living for the night. Trouble in my eyes:
Fuck it, insane till death!
Living for the night. Trouble in my eyes:
Fuck it, insane till death!


Insanity Inc. - The Original Sin Lyrics

Straight from above - Six feet below.
Serpent's commando: sin in its first row.
Straight from below, down to sorrow.
Die fuckin’ slow, you told me so!


Insanity Inc. -  Left For Good Lyrics

I am wondering 'bout today.
What is left, in honesty?
Without your love, misunderstood.
Can't be on my own. Left for good.